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1. Wonderful Wheel Project (Wheelchair Provision)
1.1 Wheelchair Production Support Project (1999-2009)
Thai with Disability Foundation (TDF) established a wheelchair manufacturing factory, Thai Wheel Factory in Nonthaburi, Thailand in March, 2000. The factory is managed by people with disabilities and WAFCAT has provided staff training and technical support for wheelchair production since its establishment. Thai Wheel Factory now produces more than 2,000 manual and made-to-order wheelchairs annually.


1.2 Wheelchair Provision (1999-present)
Every year, WAFCAT donates 150-200 units of wheelchairs that fit individual children and are mainly made by Thai Wheel Factory to children with disabilities in Thailand who need one but cannot afford it. Many receivers found the wheelchairs were helpful to decrease the burden on caretakers, to attend school classes more regularly, and to venture out and participate in the community more often. Since 2010 WAFCAT has also organized Capacity-Development Seminars for Wheelchair Receivers to learn more about wheelchair usage and maintenance.

1.3 Wheelchair Maintenance Workshop & Mobile Clinic (1999-present)
WAFCAT has assisted in opening wheelchair maintenance workshops in Trang, Lamphun,
Lopburi, and Pattani. Our support includes staff skills training, donation of machines, tools, and
also wheelchair spare parts.
Since 2012, WAFCAT has also provided a small grant for local wheelchair maintenance
workshops by Disabled People Organizations in Pattani, Udon Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima,
and Ratchaburi to organize "Mobile Clinic for Wheelchair Maintenance" in the community.

2 Education Support Project for Disabled Children (ESPDiC)
In cooperation with the Education for Development Foundation (EDF), Education Support Project for Disabled Children (ESPDiC) has provided scholarships for children with disabilities in Northeast Thailand to attend inclusive schools since 2003.
WAFCAT particularly focuses on supporting ESPDiC scholars who are mobility-impaired by donating wheelchairs, donating school facilities that are barrier-free, and organizing capacity-development training on accessibility at the target schools.
ESPDiC Dream and Friendship Camp is designed for our scholars to think about their "abilities" to make their dreams come true in the future. Other capacity-development seminars for teachers and parents have also been organized.