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Voice of WAFCAT Volunteers
Ms. Pennapa Wongsuwan ( Pen),
DENSO Bangpakong : WF/A006154
“This is the first time that I joined the Friendship Caravan in Saraburi with WAFCAT.
It was so fun with many new experiences and I am proud of myself that I can do something to
help our society. When I see PWDs’ smiles, I feel so happy.”
Mr. Rattanon Intrawuth (K)
Siam Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. : WF/A006058
“I joined the 18th Friendship Caravan in Petchaboon. I have been working for social activities many times, but this was the first time for me to try wheelchair assembly. I made a lot of mistakes but I could learn a new thing from this activity. I also donated to PWDs who were also flood victims. I am really happy that I can help disabled people.”
Ms. On-u-ma Suwapichapoom (Pick)
DENSO Samrong : WF/A006156
“I joined the trip in Saraburi. I was very impressed by the activity. It made me feel cry when WAFCAT
and all volunteers worked hard for activities children with disabilities and their parents. And I will definitely join the next Friendship Caravan if I have time.
Ms. Siriporn Ruemsumruay (Gip),
DENSO Bangpakong : WF/A00480.
“I joined Friendship Caravan many times in the past, including both No. 17 and No. 18 because I really like this volunteer activity. I was never disappointed when I joined. I sometimes participate alone but I can make many new friends with other volunteer participants. That is why I always enjoy this program. Last but not least, I am proud of myself that I can help to make the environment more convenient for PWDs.”