Wonderful Story
Story of Jetsada Junpophan, a never gave up Student
I was born in Chaiyaphum. I have never walked since I was born. I couldn’t go to a nursery class while other children did. I went to school when I was in the 1st grade. My friends teased me, but I didn’t get upset. I could go to school because of my tricycle. I went to school by tricycle every day, crawled into my classroom, and studied with friends. When I became the 4th grade, I faced a new obstacle; I had to climb up the stairs to my classroom on the second floor. But I didn’t give up my study. I went up and down the stairs every day. Finally, I graduated the 6th grade last year (2013)            
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"WAFCAT held many projects that help them suchas school facility improvement, constructed barrier
free facility, new wheelchair assembly and donation,entertain disable children and seminar and camp.
Which all of these activities need to raise fund forsupporting and help to develop disability children to
participate with general people in social happily."

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Charity Goods
"WAFCAT considers ‘selfemployment’
as veryimportant for people with
disabilities in Thailand. Sowe regularly orderhandicraft products madebpeople with disabilitiesto help them sell the
products such as wire art,bead art and glass art.Besides that we also made
WAFCAT Logo Goodssuch as polo shirt, cap andpen for selling and public