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Story of Wuttikorn Sitthiyot (Dream)
He was born on 16 March 2010. Now he is 7 years old and live at 120 Moo2, Fai Kaew District, Phu Pieng District, Nan Province Dream lives with his parent, elder sister who is studying in M.3 and his grandfather. He is congenital disability with spasticity. He often got physical rehabilitation service from Nan hospital and Special Education Center of Nan. So he has good development of physical body and intellectual but he cannot walk well so he has to practice to walk everyday with walker. So his mother has to take care him all the time and his father has to work hard in order to support everything of the family.            
Wheelchair Friends Member
“Wheelchair Friends Member” is one of fund-raising Project. Everyone can be a WAFCAT Volunteer member, just donate 300 baht per year, then you can join volunteer activities with WAFCAT for support children with disabilities.
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Charity Goods
"WAFCAT considers ‘selfemployment’
as veryimportant for people with
disabilities in Thailand. Sowe regularly orderhandicraft products madebpeople with disabilitiesto help them sell the
products such as wire art,bead art and glass art.Besides that we also made
WAFCAT Logo Goodssuch as polo shirt, cap andpen for selling and public